Time for Blogging, and Time for Me.

Today, I’m sitting on a Delta flight on my way to Atlanta for meetings. It just dawned on me that since I hadn’t been traveling since early May, I also hadn’t been blogging with any sort of consistency. *light*

Flight time was “me” time – it was the time I used to organize my thoughts and write blog posts.  Every day “regular” time is the time spent doing everything else – living, working, breathing…. but not writing.

Now that I understand the WHY, it’s time to modify my behavior and make sure that I have scheduled “me” time to write weekly.

This revelation also highlighted something else – I had become reliant on 4 hour blocks of time, 2-4 times per month, in order to sufficiently flush things out and gain clarity – whether it was work related or personal. Without these guaranteed blocks of time, I had at first gone through a sort of withdrawl and increased “cloudiness” for a few weeks. Once I realized the root cause, I had to thoughtfully plan in my week time to do that which I used to do while trapped on a plane.

Do you have your YOU time? When does it work out best for you to block off time and just focus on organizing your thoughts for writing and organizing your thoughts?

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