Building Your Personal Brand Is Good For You AND Your Employer

The “personal brand” conversation can go one of two ways – either your employer considers you to be a flight risk given your focus on you, or your employer sees a value in having a team of industry influencers on board to drive the company into the digital age (embellished). Hopefully for you, you are in the latter situation. Also hopefully for you, you’ve taken advantage of your situation.

If not, here are some quick tips for getting started on building your Personal Brand:

  • Get on Twitter. Start engaging with other influencers and industry experts in your field. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, respond, and actively participate. You do however need to make sure you are the source of compelling information, or else people will not engage back with you.
  • Join a few LinkedIn Communities that allow you to network. Do not try to sell anything. Just build relationships and learn.
  • Start writing a blog and build a portfolio of content. Blogs are not dead, and won’t be for a good long time. While content is easy to come by on the web, GOOD and COMPELLING content is much harder to locate. Are you one of the shining luminaries of your industry? Make sure you get your thoughts down and published.
  • Attend local speaking events that are geared towards your field of knowledge. You’d be surprised how much you can learn and conversely, how much you can share with your community and via your blog.

As for your employer, they have a lot to gain from having a visible entity in the social media space:

  • If you state in your profiles that you work for said employer, you represent them with or without a formal social media program, as long as you have an understanding of the Rules of Engagement set by the leadership team.
  • You can provide your employer with insight into how others in your industry are dealing with trends, and how they engage with their customers, prospects, and general community to increase awareness.
  • You can help your employer bring everyone else along with you.

Nearly two years ago, I made the decision to “just start writing” – and here I am. I may not have the same readership that other industry writers and influencers have, but I am working towards building a comprehensive portfolio of content. Good luck to you – now’s a better time than any!

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