Tips for Twitter & Foursquare Users

Over the past several months I’ve seen some interesting activity on Twitter and thought I’d put out there a few precautionary tips for maximizing these two tools:

  • Don’t check in at home, your girlfriend/boyfriend’s place, or any other personal space where you wouldn’t want a stranger showing up. Use common sense. Safety is always first.
  • Don’t check in at work and tell the Twitterverse that you’re bored out of your mind.
  • If you are checking in at work, add the company name in Foursquare accurately. If the company goes by an acronym, use the acronym.

Geolocation apps like Foursquare are great tools, but also pose personal privacy challenges that no one has fully vetted through yet.

Here are a few more general Twitter tips:

  • Remember that the content you’re putting out on the Web is there forever, whether or not you delete it from your account. If you have any question as to the appropriateness of what you’re posting, wait an hour and come back to your Tweet to see if you still want to post it.
  • The combination of personal and professional is difficult to maintain – I generally try to air on the side of conservative, especially since my profile links me to a corporation.

Happy Monday, and Happy Tweeting,

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