The ABC’s…Revisited

Remember back in the day with sleazy stock brokers and car salesmen and the slogan was “Always Be Closing”? While for the most part those days are now long gone (let’s hope), the ABC’s still remain…. this year, consider your ABC’s to instead mean: “Always Be Collaborating”.

As I was working on my most recent project with a team of brilliant and idea driven minds, the collaborative nature of data aggregation,  conversation, whiteboarding, negotiating buying-in, and ultimately executing seemed second nature. We were in 11 cities, 4 timezones, and after answers. Every aspect of this project required ongoing collaboration with multiple cross-functional groups. This particular project would have taken the better part of 6 months to complete by myself, and I can with confidence say that I wouldn’t have been able to come up with these same set of proposed solutions alone.

No matter what you do, you are collaborating. Whether you’re having a bonfire on the beach and singing songs around the fire or you’re teaching your daughter how to reel a fish in off the pier, if you are with someone else, you are interacting with that person and have the opportunity to create and act on new ideas.

The key here is “potential”. Every interaction with another human being is an opportunity for you to practice your ABC’s. So here’s your chance, in 2010, to collaborate your heart out. There are so many brilliant minds around you, why try navigating through the labyrinth alone?

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