My Best (and only) Facebook Tip For You – Use Your Facebook Privacy Settings

It’s happening, whether you like it or not. Facebook is creeping into your daily life… for personal, and work.

I use Facebook a lot. I use it as a tool to keep in touch with friends, to reconnect with old friends, to make networking connections, to maintain relationships with co-workers who are on the other side of the country or world, and to evangelize the things that I hope my growing community will also be interested in.

The problem with this is that you’ve now got a hodgepodge of contacts being dumped into a single portal. You don’t necessarily want your networking connections to have access to the same things your best friend has access to. Solution? Hop over to Facebook’s Privacy Settings and go to town.

Facebook’s Privacy Settings give you the control to manage who is able to see what. All you need to do is create a few lists and associate them with whatever rule.

Step 1: Decide On Your Parameters

You’re going to be deciding who CAN’T view – so think about for a minute what kinds of lists you want to make. I have:

  • No Status Updates and Links
  • No Wall Posts
  • No Photos Tagged of Me
  • No Personal Info

This allows me to safely control who can see what, and when.

Step 2: Create Your Lists

Once you’ve decided on how you want to create your “can’t” lists, Click on the Friends at the top left. Looks like this:

Then select “Create New List”

Now you simply click on the Friends you want to be a part of that list, and click Save when done.

Repeat until you’ve created all the lists you want.

Step 3: Modify Privacy Settings

This is the last step. Click on “Privacy Settings” on the top right of the browser screen:

Click on Profile. Here you’ll see a bunch of options.

If select the drop down for Wall Posts, then select “Customize”.

Click on the text box under “Except these people”, select the + sign to the right and select the lists you want to be added to the exception list.

That’s it! Customize as much as you want. You can add multiple lists, and you can block specific friends from viewing certain pieces of data. Happy customizing!


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