One small step for mankind (or just me)…

A huge leap in productivity and organization (also just for me, but maybe also for you).

I should have done the research earlier, but a month ago I started really using Categories in Outlook 2007. I wanted an easy visual way to understand where I was spending my time and on what projects. Yesterday, as I spend 3 hours weeding through my inbox, I start assigning emails to the same Categories. Today, I wonder ask myself… “hmm, I wonder if I can auto-categorize as the emails come in.”

The answer – YES!

One small step towards not having to spend ridiculous amounts of time dragging and dropping emails into folders, and then days, weeks, and months later having to sift through folders trying to remember which folder you foldered your email in.

Even better… you can also search by category too. Expand “Search” on the top right, Click the drop down for “Add Criteria”, select “Categories”, and ooala!

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