It’s Just like Madonna…

Chad, fellow PGi cohort, lives in Seattle, works remotely part of the week, and comes into San Francisco a few days a week to work with his team. As we were the last ones in the office tonight, we go grab a bite to eat and a Guinness at Irish Bank and catch up. The conversation makes its way to social media and its relevance to our business. How can we use social media to create a buzz? I make the comment that it’s not about creating new information, it’s about presenting relevant and very likely regurgitated information in a way that resonates with your audience… which very well may be different from someone else’s audience that had previously made similar comments about whatever it is you’re writing on. Chad’s response to that? “It’s just like Madonna…”

So true. Madonna has reinvented herself – repositioned herself really – over the decades. She’s the same person she was in the 80’s, but a little different because her audience has grown and evolved and needs different things in order to remain satisfied and loyal. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say what you say to the people you need listening to you.

Anyway, thanks Chad for simplifying it for me. On a side note, it’s funny that a Madonna analogy becomes a lowest common denominator for comprehension of an idea.

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