Email Marketing Tip

Posted an article on the PGS blog today re: utilization of existing email tracking technology to collect additional data on how you are engaging with your customers.

Offset Existing Email Delivery Metrics by Sharing With Your Network (and tracking it!)

Existing email technology allows us to take advantage of the social media phenomenon regardless of if you have a website or not. As it is increasingly difficult to accurately measure email open rates, providing a few measurable and attractive calls-to-action in your email will increase the opportunity for data capture. ”Share With Your Network” (or SWYN), as Chad White at the Email Experience Council has so eloquently termed the craze, has become a popular topic of discussion on the web. However, how do you continue to build brand recognition and increase customer engagement through push communications and actually know about it? Because we can already track click-through rates in emails, it makes perfect sense to marry the two mediums together to create a more holistic view of your customer.

…click on the title to read the rest.

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